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Graduate Programs

Do Major Research in a Nurturing Environment

CHEE master's and doctoral students get the best of both worlds – chemical and environmental engineering.

Work on projects in areas as far-reaching as water treatment, environmentally benign semiconductor manufacturing, hazardous waste remediation and biofuels.

University of Arizona chemical and environmental engineering graduate students are highly sought after in academia, industry and government.

Join us to make substantial contributions to research and experience remarkable outcomes.

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Questions? For more information on the UA CHEE graduate program contact Grace Fuller at gracefuller@arizona.edu.

Highlights of UA CHEE programs include:

  • Globally recognized faculty
  • Sustainability underpinnings
  • Numerous high-profile centers
  • Funding throughout degree lifecycle
  • Top research university

Student in the Spotlight

Developing Sustainable Water Technology

Jeb Shingler, a CHEE doctoral student who also earned his master’s degree in environmental engineering at the UA, is developing a hybrid membrane system that produces freshwater from saltwater. His project, Water Resiliency and Self-Sufficiency in the Arid Southwest, is funded by the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center.

“I chose the UA because I have the opportunity to conduct research I am passionate about at a place that is truly one of a kind.”

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Fast Facts

$6.3 million

annual research expenditures (2023)


highest paying engineering MS degree


research centers and labs


Contact: Grace Fuller

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